Awarded 'Best of Salt Lake' for Health Food 2016

Life Style Change Package

$640.00 $390.00

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  • Choice of FREE Health and Fitness Meals Tank Top or Keep it Cool Bag (holds 15 meals)
  • Personalized Nutrition Plan ($80 value)
  • Selection of any 3 Weekly Menu Options for Entrees & Sides for 4 weeks
  • 3 Prepared Meals for 5 days (15 total) for 4 weeks
  • All food portions weighed and measured out to match your diet plan!
  • Do it yourself Food Prep Lesson at the end of your 4 weeks for lifestyle maintenance!

Note: This does not include Cost of Food. Typically after food order's are placed by Health and Fitness Meals, an average client will be spending $6-$10 dollars per meal depending on the individuals portions. Most clients will SAVE MORE MONEY with Our Service in regards to their Current Spending/Lifestyle. 

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