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Independent Training Package

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This 2 Month Training Program Includes

1 Personalized Nutrition Plan:

  • Registered Dietitian Certified  
  • Costumed to your individual goals and health conditions 
  • Customized eating schedule 
  • Macro-nutrient distribution 
  • Recommended fluid intake
  • Food portions & combinations
  • Itemized food list
  • Personalized Daily Food Tracker
  • Nutrition information fact sheet
  • Recipe examples
  • The rules of eating & nutrient timing

Personalized Nutrition Plan Updates:

  • As you Progress towards your Goals your body changes and your diet will also need to change to continue with your progress.  This includes as many new plans and adjustments needed within the 2 month period (8 max).

2 Month Exercise Plans: 

  • 1 month regime which consists of a full 3-6 days (1 rest day) of cardio and/or muscle rotation 
  •  Exercises;repetitions & sets
  • Repetitions, duration, tempo, technique and/or range of motion will be modified weekly.