Frequently asked questions

You will get your order every Wednesday. You can either pick up your meals or pay to have them delivered. 

Pick up) You will get a text message when your order is ready for pick up on Wednesday. Text messages can go out any time during the day, typically by 4 pm and you have until 9 pm to get your meals.

Delivery) Deliveries go out in cooler totes with ice on Wednesday morning and will be delivered by 5pm. *Cooler totes only have to be purchased one time then returned to your delivery person every time a new drop off is made.

Every order placed through our company has a standard base order fee. No matter the size of order this fee is always $25. This has always been a part of our service expenses and we wouldn’t be able to operate without it. This fee also makes is so that the cost per meal goes down and the value goes up the more meals that are ordered at once.

If you order more meals they cost less and you see more results from our meal program as well so it’s a WIN/WIN!

We provide a standard disposable or reusable dishwasher safe food container for each of your meals.  Some clients choose to throw these away each week and get new ones.  However, we practice a recycling system with our clients food prep containers that you can choose to opt in on. Here is how it works:
1. You remove your label on your lid.
2. Wash your dishwasher safe containers (we cannot take back dirty containers.
3. Return your containers from the previous week when you pick up your meals the following week.
4. We take back your clean empty containers and sterilize them to reuse them the following week. 
(We will always have a set on us, and you will always have a set with you).  

According to Utah Health Safety Standards for public food service, all properly refrigerated prepared food needs to be thrown out by day 7. Although, for extra precautions we recommend that you freeze days 5, 6 & 7.

Risks are always involved while working with food so it is important to remember to maintain safe food storage practices to ensure the quality of your food. After you receive your meals we are no longer responsible for maintaining the quality in case of any food storage mishaps. Here are some rules you should remember:

* Refrigeration temperatures should be 34-40 F or lower.

* Compacting or stacking meals too tightly may prevent the meals in the middle from keeping as cool as needed.

* It may be a good idea to store prepared meals in the coolest parts of the fridge (top closest to the freezer or the cooling mechanism)

We recommend that you immediately freeze any of the meals you will not be eating within 5 days of picking up.

* Freezing temperatures should be 0 F or lower.

* Frozen food may be preserved anywhere from 1-6 months for quality but it will not be a high quality as eating the meals fresh.

* If you find you are falling behind and want to save your meals you should make sure to freeze the ones you know you will not get to on time as soon as possible.

Microwave Instructions:

1) Remove any sauce cups or bags within the container. Then replace the Lid and loosely over the top (this way the raw vegetables can steam)

2) Depending on Microwave Watts and Size of Individual portions cook between 1:30 sec-2:30 sec (you may cook your meals for longer if you prefer your vegetables to be softer)

3) Let Stand for 2 minutes before eating.

*Always Reheat your food before you eat it (Unless it is a recommended cold meal) 

*Optional: add about 1-2 tbsp of water to the container before heating if you want to prevent rice/ meat from getting dry in the reheating process

Yes, you can subscribe to have an automated weekly order so you do not have to remember to place your order every week. This is easy to change, pause, or cancel. Order adjustments just need to be submitted before the order deadline (Thursday night prior to Wednesday pick up)

Absolutely! However, order cancelations forfeit the refund of the merchant processing fee and have to be submitted before the order cut off time so we do not order your food from our supplier. (Order cut off: Thursday night prior to Wednesday pick up)

If you go to the Custom Macro Meal Menu then you can customize your order any way you can imagine as far as portion sizes and macros. You can hand pick any of our recipes to have any portion or protein, carbs, vegetables or added fats. You may also pick from any of our available proteins or carb sides. (Because we use fresh vegetables we are subject to seasonal availability and quality control. This means we cannot guarantee any particular type of vegetable, however you can let us know which vegetables you do not like with your food preferences.)

We accommodate for a variety of different allergies. Allergies are listed on the product but if you want to have us special make your meal without the particular allergen then you can order from the ‘Custom Macro Meals Menu’ to see if this option is available. For example; we can make almost any meal gluten free if the ‘Standard Healthy Meals Menu’ shows that the recipe has gluten in it. Note: Not all recipes can be made without the allergen. Our Kitchen actively stores and handles the preparation of Milk, Eggs, Fish, Shellfish, Nuts and other allergens.  We openly disclose that we are not an allergen free kitchen.  Not only do we lease our space and have no control over what food items are prepared in our kitchen when we are not there but we also personally prepare many of the major allergy sourced food items. By using our service, our clients understand that we work hard to keep separate hazardous food items, but acknowledge that they may still be at risk for any allergic reactions to any allergies listed (or not listed) under their food personal preferences.


Wednesdays Only!

*Must be available for delivery between 11am-5pm

*South Route

Includes(but not limited to): South Salt Lake + Utah Valley

Does not include: Far West (Eagle Mountain) 




*North Route

Includes (but not limited to): North Salt Lake, Davis/Weber County

Does not include: Far West (Tooele, Magna, Kearns etc.) Far East (Heber, Park City)


Health and Fitness Meals subcontracts a delivery service.

Note: We do not make any profits from deliveries

HFM “Keep it Cool” Delivery Totes:

*It is required that you purchase at least 1 HFM “Keep it Cool” tote for your deliveries.  You can exchange your empty bag with a new one that your meals are being delivered in every week for a quick easy exchange.


*If you wish to be refunded for the tote you will need to be home when our driver arrives to accept the delivery in person so they can unload your meals and hand them to you (you will want to have fridge space immediately available for the exchange.


*Cooler Totes are not recommended long term storage units.  Food should be returned to refrigerator temperatures within 2 hours.

Food Quality:

*If any of your meals are broken open/damaged from our kitchen to your home (on the fault of the driver) they will inform us and we will make sure you are reimbursed for those meals.

*As soon as your meals are delivered and the driver leaves we are no longer responsible for your meal quality. You need to be available for your delivery times to receive your meals and get your meals refrigerated as soon as possible.

Delivery Routes:

*Delivery Routes are offered to provide discounted deliveries to other countries that are farther away (50% off)

*If you want to do delivery route days you must make sure to order meals on the days that coincide with your area (see delivery route information).

*Because there are many stops on a delivery route we cannot guarantee a time of arrival.  We ask that you be available to receive your meals between Noon and 5pm. (Because of these times the delivery address of choice is often a work address instead of a home address) 

Delivery Times:

*We cannot schedule specific delivery times within less than a 3 hour time frame.  There are too many variables and other deliveries to be made to ensure such a small window.

*Default delivery times will be approx between 11am-5pm

*Special Request late evening delivery times will be between 7-9pm or Next Day Delivery (far west or Park city) will need to be submitted as custom requests and will get a custom delivery quote.

Once again, our driver does not get paid for their time but by mile.  If you leave them waiting on you or they take additional time to help load your meals understand that this is “off the clock.”  They may appreciate a tip for these additional services.

Please contact our customer service: (385)251-8106 or

*All services are non-refundable after they have already been provided or 7 days grace period to report any issues(whatever comes first).

*Every client is responsible for their own safe food transportation and storage after their meals leave our possession. Health and Fitness Meals does not take responsibility for failure to store food at appropriate temperatures in the refrigerator or failure to freeze meals before the 5 day expiration. Health and Fitness Meals is not responsible for any sickness resulting from eating meals after expiration, poor handling, or spoilage .

There is a box to add in optional notes about your order right before you check out. 
For Example: 
a) If you dislike any vegetables that you don’t want as the side in your meals you can request “No Brussel Sprouts” but you cannot request a certain type of vegetable incase it’s not in season or our supplier is out. 
b)If you need to pick up your order early you can request “Early Pick Up” and we will make sure we prioritize portioning out your meals in your containers before other customers.

Because we only use raw fresh vegetables we cannot guarantee any particular vegetable will be in stock from week to week. Often time vegetables aren’t in season or we send them back to our supplier if they don’t look top notch. Therefor, you cannot request which vegetable comes on the side of your meal. Typical side vegetables that we like to use are: Broccoli, Asparagus, Green Beans, Zucchini, Sugar Snap Peas, Kale, Spinach, Cole Slaw, Bok Choy, Brussel Sprouts, etc.

However, you can custom order your meals with ‘No Veggies’ or if you REALLY dislike one or two of these options you can put in your order notes (before check out) to avoid a few of the vegetables and we will do our best to accommodate that preference.