Insulin Spiking for Athletes

What is it about Gatorade?

Did you know Gatorade is among the most researched and clinically proven beverages for improving athletic performance? But why? I mean, besides the water and electrolytes for hydration its just a bunch of sugar right?

Hydration + Electrolytes + SUGAR?!?!

How To Lose Weight Fast In 5 Simple Steps Gatorade Nutrition Facts for Gatorade Food Label – World of Label

Believe it or not SUGAR does not have to be “The Enemy.”Sugar can actually be a great nutrient for you body but it depends on WHEN, HOW, and HOW MUCH you intake. For Example;

Eating dessert in the evening before you go to bed = BAD

The sugars consumed will not be burned off completely and will be stored as additional body fat.However, most carbs you consume are converted into simple sugars and then enter the blood stream as ‘Glycogen.’ If you consume simple sugars they don’t need to be converted they can IMMEDIATELY enter the blood stream.Glycogen is your body’s primary energy source, and you can actually burn through all of your glycogen stores quickly during (and immediately after) an exercise routine. This means the sugars you consume around this time are burned before they can be stored as fat!

Sugar = Energy for Performance!

What is Insulin Spiking???If you consume simple carbs combined with protein immediately after your workout your body will restore glycogen stores and create an insulin spike. Since insulin is responsible for transferring nutrients from the blood stream in to your bodies cells. Replenishing or “spiking” your insulin levels can actually speed up the process of protein synthesis (building muscle tissue). The insulin spike basically helps drive more nutrients into your blood stream, and helps “feed” the muscles.

Sugar = Synthesis for Muscle Building!

Not only does this method improve performance and muscle building but, you can also lose weight and burn fat! I have personally used this method to cut down and get extremely lean for a body building competition as well as used it successfully on a ton of clients with weight loss goals. In Conclusion;

Eating simple sugars immediately before, during or after exercise = GOOD

How much sugar can you intake without it being stored as fat?

This is a great question because you can consume more sugar than you body can burn…. and not all workouts are created equal. That’s right, just like how you burn more calories when you work harder or for longer you also get to eat more grams of simple carbohydrates (sugar).How much you consume completely depends on the amount of ENERGY you EXPEND in your WORKOUT. Our athlete nutrition programs include a calculator (link below) that’s formulated to figure this number out for you.

Energy Expenditure Calculator!

Find out how many grams of carbs you get to consume with your workout!

Are you an athlete with specific performance and body composition goals?

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Customized based on your sedentary BMR + ONE ADDITIONAL INSULIN SPIKE MEAL on the days you workout. This meal is going to be a simple sugar based meal focused on improving your performance, endurance, and muscle mass.

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