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Total Transformation Package

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2 Month Total Transformation Includes: 

  • Personalized Nutrition Plans that progress with your changing body
  • Individual Customized shopping list & Menu each week
  • Recipes for your weekly food prep
  • Weekly Customized Exercise Plans
  • Bi-Weekly accountability forms 

Personalized Nutrition Plan

*Our Registered Dietitian Certified Nutrition Plans that can be costumed to your individual goals and health conditions.

Includes: Customized eating schedule, macro-nutrient distribution, recommended fluid intake, suggested supplementation, food portions & combinations, categorized grocery list, personalized daily breakdown, nutrition information fact sheet, and the rules of eating & nutrient timing.


Personalized Nutrition Plan Update

*As you Progress towards your Goals your body changes and your diet will also need to change to continue with your progress.  This Includes as many updated nutrition plans and adjustments as you may need in a 2 month period (8 max).

8 Weekly Menu, Recipes & Shopping List

*You may select any 3 meals from our menu each week. 

Includes: Menu for the week consisting of all meals and snacks on a daily basis, recipes to guide you in your own personal food preparation, and an Individual Customized shopping list with exactly how much you need to buy for your personalized diet for the entire week.

2 Month Exercise Plans 

           *Includes: a regime which consists of a full 3-6 days (1 rest day) of cardio and/or muscle rotations, exercises and                      repetitions.  These exercises can typically be repeated for the duration of 4 weeks.  Although; repetitions, duration,            tempo, technique and/or range of motion will be modified weekly.